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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is often referred to as excess liability insurance. Insurance is all about taking care of life’s risks, but these risks can go far beyond what your typical liability insurance can take care of. This is where umbrella insurance comes in. Most insurance policies often have exclusions and limitations, for example, severe accidents and large lawsuits may go for far more than what your liability insurance can accommodate, making umbrella insurance very useful. You can purchase commercial umbrella insurance for your business and personal umbrella insurance for yourself.

State Requirements

Even though auto insurance is a mandatory state requirement and home insurance is often required by lenders, umbrella insurance is not a mandatory requirement in Minnesota. Even so, it’s vital to have it because large lawsuits and severe accidents could make you go bankrupt and put you in a vulnerable position.

Coverage Options

Cedar Insurance Agency LLC offers the following umbrella insurance options:

Even though umbrella insurance tends to cover most of the risks to a more significant extent, there are a few exemptions, including business losses and criminal or intentional actions and contracts. Finding the support of a knowledgeable local agent at Cedar Insurance Agency LLC will prove very beneficial. We will help you understand which coverage suits you the most in Minnesota. We strive to protect your investment at an affordable rate.

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