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Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is a bit different from the typical home insurance. As a condo owner, you don’t own a freestanding structure; therefore, it’s your responsibility to insure your unit. A Condo Association will take care of the structure of the building. Condo insurance mostly covers personal items, liability, and any alterations or improvements you might make as required by the condo association within your unit.

State Requirements

It's not mandatory to own condo insurance in Minnesota, but still, it’s essential to protect your investment against unforeseen circumstances such as fire, burglary, smoke, theft, vandalism, falling objects, water, electrical surges, and many more. Such perils could render your condo uninhabitable. Also, most lenders will require proof of insurance before financing your condo.

Coverage Options

Here are the common coverage options offered by Cedar Insurance Agency LLC:

Some losses that stem from earthquakes, flooding, storms, and hurricanes are not covered by condo insurance; therefore, you will need a different coverage for these risks. Condos in Minnesota are highly valuable, and insuring them is the best way to protect your investment.

Find the support of a knowledgeable local agent at Cedar Insurance Agency LLC to understand which coverage is most suitable for you. We provide a wide variety of affordable insurance policies that you can choose from. Contact us today and get a quote, buy a policy, or get answers to any condo insurance questions you may have.

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