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Not all insurance is required in Minnesota. For example, the state does not require home insurance (even if most lenders do). But there is one type of insurance that is required: auto insurance. This is to protect the driver, the automobile, and any other people or objects that might be involved in an accident.

Driving without insurance is a bad idea. In Minnesota, an uninsured driver involved in an accident will have their driver's license suspended for at least one year. That's a long time, especially if that driver needs to commute to work. Also, driving on a suspended license can result in possible jail time. Auto insurance is affordable and a much better option rather than taking unnecessary risk.


Automobile accidents happen every day. This is one of the reasons auto insurance is mandatory. Another reason is the financial aspect. Auto accidents can be expensive. Let's say that most people have only a few thousand dollars in savings. Traffic accidents often cost more than that. The financial cost of an accident could bankrupt the liable driver as well as the innocent party.

What happens to a car payment if the vehicle is destroyed?

The car owner needs to keep paying the monthly payment! Auto insurance gives drivers confidence knowing their vehicle can be covered in the event of an accident.

Coverage Options

There are plenty of auto insurance options. Bodily injury, property damage, no fault — these are the minimum coverage options Minnesota requires for all drivers in the state. These options help cover smaller potential financial losses. Reach out to our agents at Cedar Insurance Agency LLC so that we can teach you more about our options and how they can benefit you.

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Because auto insurance is mandatory the next step is to decide what coverage options are of interest to you. At Cedar Insurance Agency LLC, we will be able to answer any questions you may have and get you started with the coverage process. For quotes from home, try our online rating tool to get a quote on home or auto insurance.

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